What is Truth? Dealing with a Polarized Media - Discussion with Bertha Henson, Gaurav Keerthi, and Ervin Tan


This is an invitation only, private closed-door discussion. If you have any interest, please email projectfeedsg@gmail.com.

We have never before lived in a more polarised media environment and public trust for traditional news sources and institutions is under considerable stress. Can we move past a cacophony of extremes to an environment with more mature discourse, and how will we do that in Singapore? Join us for a panel with Bertha Henson, Gaurav Keerthi and Ervin Tan as we unpick this complex issue.

Date and Time: 6 Oct (Saturday), 8pm

Location: Straits Clan

Bertha Henson is a titan in the journalism scene and a prominent voice in Singapore's online community. She has been called "a troublemaker, but a good one." After a storied career spanning 26 years in the Straits Times, Bertha left to work on various projects, including her own blog Bertha Harian and popular socio-political site The Middle Ground. Bertha also now runs her own media training company for government agencies and corporations. Bertha is also teaches journalism as an adjunct lecturer in NUS.

Gaurav Keerthi is a television personality and published author in Singapore. He is the founder of dialectic.sg, an online discussion platform. In addition to his debate shows on Channel NewsAsia, Gaurav also co-created and starred in the International Emmy Award nominated reality TV debate show, The Arena. He was previously the President of the Debate Association of Singapore. He participated in the public hearing of the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods.

Ervin Tan is a lawyer specialising in dispute resolution, and currently between full-time employment. He trained and practised at Michael Hwang Chambers LLC before practising at Jones Day. As part of his pro bono work, he was instructed counsel and part of the legal team defending Amos Yee in 2015. Ervin is interested in legal history and laws governing the relationship between citizen and state. He and three friends submitted a paper analysing bias in social media posts to the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods.

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