Finding Focus While Scaling: Raylene Yung (Stripe) and Andreas Ehn (Ex CTO and Employee #1, Spotify)

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In a rapid growth environment, the challenge for many new companies is determining what to focus on and getting the same focus in their teams. Often, the decisions that sink or swim a company are - in hindsight - the strategy choices taken at the very highest levels. Yet, the true impact of those choices are often only known long after they are made.

We are very excited to have two friends from the tech community to talk about their experiences scaling growth companies (Spotify, Stripe, Facebook).

  • Raylene Yung is currently with Stripe where she has held several positions including Head of Product, Head of Payments and Head of Engineering, APAC. Prior to Stripe, she spent six years as an Engineering Director at Facebook.

  • Andreas Ehn was the former CTO of Spotify and was part of the company’s journey right from the beginning as employee #1. He is currently an active angel investor and an active advisor to several private equity funds.

Unlike our previous events, we are bringing this to the heart of the local tech community and so this will take place at the headquarters of Carousell. Join us on 22 March, Friday, 6.30pm for a friendly chat and some post-events networking with the local tech community. Light refreshments provided!

About Raylene

Raylene leads efforts to expand Stripe globally, bringing product and engineering teams to new markets around the world. Previously, Raylene led the payments engineering team at Stripe, and oversaw the engineering work that underpins Stripe’s products for multi-sided platforms (Connect), fraud prevention (Radar) and core payments acceptance (Elements). Prior to Stripe, Raylene was an Engineering Director at Facebook, where she led initiatives around privacy, content creation, and the Facebook news feed. Raylene holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

About Andreas

Andreas Ehn is a board member and angel investor in several companies. He is frequently hired as an advisor by promising startups, venture capital funds and corporates. Previously he was Spotify’s first employee and chief technology officer (CTO), where he brought together the world-class tech team that designed and built the platform and product for the music service. Before Spotify he worked for the Swedish online-gaming company Stardoll. He is Wrapp’s co-founder and was its CTO until fall 2014.

Yishan Lam