Gaurav Gupta, Asia Head, Dalberg India

Feed N˚4 on March 13, 2018

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Gaurav Gupta: Sustainable Solutions for Emerging Markets

Foundations spend billions of dollars to support development work. Technology companies aim to change the lives of “the Next Billion Users”. Governments announce large mega-projects in the hope of boosting employment.

But how much of this really works – and how much of this is money with the right intentions going to the wrong uses? Gaurav Gupta, Asia Head of Dalberg India – a development-focused consultancy – shares his perspectives from years of advising some of the largest foundations and international organisations in the world. He will talk about how financial aid and impact investing often neglect support for local solutions, whether the largest foundations have gotten it right, and share about his latest project – UNLeash 2018, a project to bring 1,000 young talents across the globe to Singapore this summer to solve the world’s greatest problems.

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13 March, 7pm, 1880 (1 Nanson Road)

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