AI, Data and Incumbents

Can large incumbents, including governments, build and implement effective technology solutions, or are they forever at the behest of smaller and more nimbler startups? 


Join us as we discuss these topics and more with Liu Feng-Yuan and Wong Hefen, who were both recently named as 2 of the world’s 100 most influential young people in government by public service think tank Apolitical in 2018. 


In this live session of Feed, we discuss how AI and data analytics are implemented in practice, the challenges of driving change within large organisations and learn more about their leadership journeys and building effective teams. We will also go behind the scenes on some high-profile data stories including MOM’s behavioural insights unit Co-Lab, catching the rogue MRT train, and the app that has changed the lives of drivers all around the island, Parking.SG.

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Yishan Lam