Building Up Singapore's Social & Emotional Capital: An Evening with Shiao-yin Kuik


In her journey as a serial founder, strategic facilitator and twice-nominated Member of Parliament, Shiao-Yin Kuik has consistently forged new possibilities in tightly-constrained Singapore. Through her slew of businesses under The Thought Collective and her realm of activities in the public, education and social sector, she has shown that you can operate a social business in a highly competitive environment, that you can transform large systems by starting from inner work within individuals, and that you can effect change at the highest seats of power, even when upholding contrarian, even dissenting views. 

There are few voices in our generation that ring as loud and clear as Shiao-Yin’s. Join us as we dive deep into the well of her personal stories, from her time in Parliament bringing impassioned, reasoned perspectives on education, young voter aspirations, citizen engagement strategies and other socio-economic topics to the fore. We will also look ahead to what it means to forge common ground across increasing class and religious divides and how to grow a mission-minded business based on real market principles.

About Shiao-Yin Kuik

Shiao-Yin Kuik founded The Thought Collective (TTC) with Tong Yee and Elizabeth Kon. TTC started in 2002 as a learning centre for youth undertaking the General Paper at A’ Levels to develop critical thinking and social-emotional resilience and today spans Food for Thought, an F&B social enterprise, publication arm Think Tank, and Common Ground, a private and public sector platform to operationalise social innovation in the community. Through TTC’s  highly-sought after training programs and consulting projects, she helps large organizations develop their change and people capacity to position for uncertain futures ahead.

She served as a Nominated MP in the 12th and 13th Parliament of Singapore from 2014-2018, and contributes in various capacities on the boards of SCAPE*, and SG Cares. 

This session will be moderated by Yishan Lam.

Yishan Lam