Hong Kong Protests: The End of the Tunnel?


Hong Kong Protests: The End of the Tunnel?
An Evening with Donald Low

The protests in Hong Kong have been a focal point for regional politics, not just for its implications on domestic Chinese politics, but also for the reactions and viewpoints from observers all around Asia and indeed, the world. Speculations on how this could all end range from the optimistic to the cataclysmic — but the learning points and diagnosis of the issues are becoming increasingly clearer. Donald provides a unique perspective on events, combining his experiences in the Singapore public service, being a professor of public policy in Hong Kong and walking the streets with the protestors themselves.

This session will be moderated by Dominic Soon and is presented by Feed.

Saturday, 5 Oct 2019, 6pm

Straits Clan, Level 4 Attic
31 Bukit Pasoh Road

About Donald Low
Donald is currently Senior Lecturer and Professor of Practice at the Institute of Public Policy of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology as well as the Director of Leadership and Public Policy Executive Education. Prior to his current appointment, Donald was the Associate Dean for Executive Education and Research at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. Besides leading the School’s executive education department, he also headed its case study unit.
Donald also served nearly 15 years in the Singapore government as a member of the Administrative Service. During that time, he established the Centre for Public Economics at the Civil Service College to advance economics literacy in the Singapore public service. He also held senior positions at the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Division.

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